The doctor

Since June 1998 I have been working as a specialist (German Fachärztin) in orthopaedics and rheumatology in my practice in the centre of Marbella. In addition to this unusual medical combination I have also brought many years experience in chirotherapy and sports-medicine to the Costa. I append some details about my professional carreer.

I was born in Wiesbaden, Germany, and studied at the Johann Wolfgang von Goethe University in Frankfurt/Main. I qualified as a medical practioner (German Approbation) in 1977. After that I specialized in orthopaedics at the University Clinical Centre Friedrichsheim in Frankfurt/Main. In 1984 I passed my examination as an orthopaedic specialist and obtained my doctorate with distinction. During that period at the Orthopaedic University Clinic it was mandatory for me to participate in the consultations for special ortho-paedic diseases like: scoliosis, children diseases, tumors, endoprothetics, rheumatology, spastic paralysis and hereditary diseases.From 1984-1990 I worked as a senior physician and consulted in clinics specialized for rheumatology, also as an substitute for the senior consultant. Than I discovered my vocation for rheumatology and I passed this examination in 1987 with distinction.

During these years I attended further vocational training courses in chirotherapy and sportsmedicine and passed my examinations with distinction. From 1991 -1998 I was running my own specialized orthopaedic practice in Munich, where I had a very good reputation.
After so many years of pure scientific studies I wanted to learn more about the correlations in the human body that means, the functional orders between the interior organs, blood circulation, glandular function and the apparatus of kinetic energy. This refers to the relationships between the mental attitude to these functions. These are called psychosomatic diseases. In this field there exists a wealth of vocational training possibilities and courses.

I selected vocational training courses in acupuncture, kinesiology, osteopathy, biodynamic massage after the method of Gerda Boyesen, special neural- and reflextherapy, special paintherapy, sportsphysiology and homeopathy. As a result I gained impressive thorough knowledges and informations as well as learning special methods of treatment of the disturbed relationships of physical, mental and nervous disorders.

With this concept of holistic medicine I treated my patients in Germany very successfully and now also in Spain. It is my personal point of view, that my patients are entitled to receive sufficient time and care and deserve an individual relationship with their doctor.Since June 1998 I have been offering my knowledge and therapy as an experienced specialist in my practice in Marbella. Also I am offering special consultations for osteoporosis, childrens orthopaedics, sportsmedicine, rheumatology and chronic pain. Through my participation in anti-aging courses I could further optimize my therapeutic possibilities to react more efficient by the various needs of my patients.

I also cooperate in my practice with a qualified physiotherapist who offers the complete spectrum of treatments, and an osteopatic therapist with special experience in craniosacral therapy.


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